It’s Halloween for superheroes, too, in ARCHIE DIGEST #344!

Halloween is under threat, but no problem; we’ve got a whole team full of superheroes on the scene in ARCHIE DIGEST #344!

When aliens descend on Riverdale during the spookiest night of the year, Riverdale’s premiere super-team, The Mighty Crusaders, are on-hand to sort it out. But we also have Riverdale’s not-so-premiere super-team, the SuperTeens, involved. Can they work together to save Halloween? You’ll find out in “Costume Confusion” by Francis Bonnett and Rex Lindsey!

Then, the gang is at a Halloween party and famous crime-fighter The Web is there to celebrate. But when a major crime goes down, it seems like he might be the culprit! It’s a spooky whodunnit called “Trick or Trick!” by Dan Parent. 

You can preview both of those below, along with a complete Halloween classic, “Monster Mash” by John Rose and Bill Galvan. You can grab your own copy right here. And have a comics-filled weekend!

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