It’s Christmas, Jughead-style, in ARCHIE MILESTONES DIGEST #22!

Happy Halloween — it’s time for Christmas! It’s always like that here in Riverdale, and we kick off the Holiday Season this week with a festive new issue of ARCHIE MILESTONES DIGEST!

True-blue Archie fans know we are The Official Comic Book of Christmas, and because of that, we love to get the festivities started as soon as we can. In that spirit, this week marks the official Holidays kickoff with an all-Jughead, all-Christmas issue of MILESTONES that’s stocking-stuffed with yuletide cheer! Well, cheer of the especially hungry variety, but still!

Collecting yuletide classics from across Archie’s eight decades of mirth and merriment starring Archie’s best pal, this is a present you’ll want to grab early and save for the big day. 

And speaking of best pals, Jughead’s partner, Hot Dog, stars in “Canine Convert” by Archie Legends George Gladir and Harry Lucey, which you can read in full below. Grab your copy here, and tell them Santa sent you!


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