Have a hauntingly good time at CAMP PICKENS!

No one is safe at Riverdale’s notorious summer camp, and today’s anthology one-shot CAMP PICKENS reveals just how ridiculously haunted it is!

Writer Jordan Morris and artist Diana Camero set the scene with the frame story “Bug Juice,” where we find Jughead Jones leading a group of campers on a quest to find a mysterious drink that counselors think will ward off evil and misfortune . . . or so they think!

The camp’s checkered past is revealed in “The Curse of Camp Pickens,” a truly chilling ghost story by Blake Howard and Carola Borelli, and things lighten up a bit with the slasher send-up “Down and Out and Death Cursed” by writer Tim Seeley and artist Mike Norton.

You can preview those below, and then grab your own copy right here — just remember to leave a light on when reading, and make sure your cabin door is locked tight!

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