Fly Girl returns in this week’s BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #309!

Veronica gets a job (gasp!), Fly Girl returns, and that’s all just the start of this week’s new issue of BETTY & VERONICA JUMBO COMICS DIGEST!

In a brand new Christmas tale by Archie legend Dan Parent, Veronica’s credit cards are maxed so she has to get a job at the mall. This goes about as well as you’d expect! Then, in “Super Sale,” by Ian Flynn and Ryan Jampole, B&V are shopping with Kelly Brand, a.k.a. Fly Girl, when disaster strikes and Kelly flies into action! (And she may get some help from two other super-teens by the end!) After that, we’ve got nearly 200 pages of classic Archie comics with a festive holiday flavor. You can start reading now with a delightful Sabrina story by Dick Malmgren below, and then grab your own copy here. And have a joyous, comics-filled holiday weekend!

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