Fandom saves the day in ARCHIE DIGEST #348!

A series of panels from an Archie Comics story, in which Archie and The Shield, a patriotic superhero, face off against a group of supervillains.

The Shield needs some help from a fan, and Bingo Wilkin needs help with his fans, in this week’s ARCHIE DIGEST #348

Archie, Betty, and Veronica sled down a snowy hill, with Archie's dog Vegas chasing behind them.

Archie and the heroes of The Mighty Crusaders have crossed paths many times before, but today might finally be the day when Archie’s particular skills can actually come in handy, namely, his obsessive knowledge of superhero comics! “The Devil’s in the Details” is brought to us by Ian Flynn and Pat Kennedy, and it takes some unexpected twists and turns!

Then, That Wilkin Boy is back with an all-new musical caper featuring a very devoted fan club who just won’t leave him alone. Can the rest of the band get some alone time while accidentally going viral? We’ll find out in “Fan Clubbed” by Dan Parent!

And that’s just the start of nearly 200 pages of classic comics, including anoter musical mishap from the Archie Archives starring Little Archie called “On Stage” by Dexter Taylor, which you can read in full below after some sneak previews of the new stories. When you’re caught up, you can get your copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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