Everything’s fine in WELCOME TO RIVERDALE!

Or is it?! Classic Archie character Ginger Snapp makes her Archie Horror debut in this week’s creep-tastic one-shot WELCOME TO RIVERDALE!

We know you’ve been following the latest adventures of Ginger in new stories appearing recently in our world-famous digest magazines, but she’s breaking out of those pocket-sized adventures today. In WELCOME TO RIVERDALE, Ginger shows up in Riverdale to visit some friends and realizes pretty quickly that, well . . . things are just not quite right. With everyone telling her to smile, and a few giving her unsettling warnings, it’s only a matter of time before the most perfect town’s secrets are revealed.

It’s the latest moment of Archie’s Month of Mayhem, and you can preview the eerie chiller by Amy Chase and Liana Kangas below. Once you’re caught up, grab your soon-to-be-collectible copy here, and next time, Ginger, maybe stay on the bus when it stops in the Town With Pep!


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