Dr. Masters hits the apps in BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #325!

Veronica holds a smart phone with a dating app open to a page about Young Dr. Masters, a popular TV personality. It says Dr. Masters can teach you how to date. Veronica holds Archie's arm, who looks surprised, standing next to Jughead, also looking surprised, and she says Archie can take her out to an expensive restaurant after using the app to learn how to date.

Dr. Masters needs some help navigating today’s dating tech in this week’s BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #325!

Betty and Veronica are at the beach in swimsuits. Veronica, wearing heart shaped sunglasses and a pink sun hat, smiles at the reader holding a glass of soda. Betty, in the background, smirks disapprovingly at Veronica because she is carrying all of their beach gear.The good doctor has been a big help lately to the Riverdale teens (well, that statement may be debatable!) and he’s now turned his attention to the equally complicated topics of dating and technology when he’s enlisted to promote Hiram Lodge’s new app, Swipely. Things don’t go according to plan, but he may be able to help at least one person before the day is out. It all goes down in “The Doctor Does Dating” by Goldie Chan and Holly G!

And that’s just the start of a beachy 180 pages of classic Archie hijinx, perfect for packing along to the beach when you try to beat the heat. You can start reading below with the poolside classic, “The New Champ,” by Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo, and have a comics-filled weekend!





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