Danni and Jinx take on the time monsters in STRANGE SCIENCE!

Jinx Holliday’s best pal Danni Malloy takes center stage today in STRANGE SCIENCE, and the girls have some serious time shenanigans to deal with!

In the new Archie Horror one-shot by Magdalene Visaggio and Butch Mapa, Danni will need all of her scientific brilliance to rescue a time-lost Dilton Doiley and get them all back home in one piece. That task is made that much more difficult by 1) not knowing exactly how to do any of that and 2) some super-creepy monsters!

Eagle eyed fans will recognize both Danni and the title from the classic 1989 mini-series DILTON’S STRANGE SCIENCE, where Danni and Dilton were science buddies on some wild adventures. This terrifying new take is both a perfect summertime chiller for horror fans and a heartfelt story of change, becoming your true self, and letting go of the past. You won’t want to miss it!

You can start reading with the preview below, and then grab your soon-to-be-collectible copy right here!

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