Cassie Cloud spins a fairy tale in a new issue of BETTY & VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER!

Panel from an Archie Comics story. Betty, Archie, and Cassie Cloud, playacting in a fairy tale setting, have a conversation on a cobblestones path. Betty tells her there's room for everyone in Riverdale, and Archie says they've already hatched a plan. In the background, Dilton flies by on a winged dragon. Cassie is a tall slender white blonde woman with dyed-blue highlights.

Cassie Cloud joins the rest of the gang for a story about finding your place, in this week’s new one-shot comic, BETTY & VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER: FAIRY TALES!

Betty, Archie, and Veronica, all wearing fairy tale costumes, are on top of a medieval castle at night, with a monster climbing a turret in the background. Veronica holds a sword while Betty swings off the ramparts, holding Archie. Jughead stands in the background casually eating a submarine sandwich.When we last saw Cassie Cloud, Riverdale’s newest (and tallest!) arrival she was celebrating a new blockbuster movie with a fun beach party. She’s back this week in a very different, very sweet fairy tale called “The Frumpy Dickling” by Goldie Chan and Bill Galvan. It’s a magical moment for sure! Cassie is new in town and can’t quite seem to fit in — literally! But the gang won’t simply accept that sitch for what it is.

And that’s just the start! The rest of the comic collects Archie-fied fairy tales from the Archie Archives, including “Archie’s Fables” by Frank Doyle and Samm Schwartz which you can read in full below. The whole package is a magical trip to another world you’ll love to revisit again and again. You can grab your collectible copy here!

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