Captain Flag and Pureheart swing into action!

The villainous Tom Twister tears it up downtown, and Pureheart and Captain Flag are on the scene, in this week’s ARCHIE DIGEST #341!

In the new lead story by Tom DeFalco and Steven Butler, Archie’s super-alter-ego teams up with the famous patriotic hero to tackle the tornado-powered bad guy before he can completely destroy the post office. What’s with that grudge against the post office anyway? Only one way to find out!

Then, it’s a big day for Ethel Muggs in a milestone new story by Dan Parent! Ethel has eyes for the new guy, Kai, but a beach game may see her paired up with her longtime crush Jughead, exactly at the worst time!

You can preview those below, along with the complete Bob Bolling Little Archie classic, “Close Scrape in Barnacle Bay,” and then grab your own copy right here. And have a comics-filled weekend!

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