Big Moose makes a big mess in ARCHIE DIGEST #350!

Panel from an Archie Comics story. Jughead catches a frisbee that was thrown too hard on the beach and it knocks him back into a sandcastle built by two little kids

Sports can be dangerous when hijinks abound, as you’ll soon see in this week’s milestone ARCHIE DIGEST #350!

Archie, Betty, and Veronica smile at the viewer, each wearing shirts with a different number; when combined, the number is 350, which is the issue number the image commemorates.Our flagship title ARCHIE DIGEST has been going strong for over 50 years now, if you can believe it! And we’re celebrating that momentous birthday this week with ARCHIE DIGEST #350, packed with classic stories from across the decades that all celebrate Riverdale’s — and the world’s — favorite redhead (sorry, Cheryl).

And to kick things off, Archie Legend Dan Parent writes and draws a fun restrospective of Archie’s largest pal, Big Moose! In “Contact Sports,” the gang remembers all the painful encounters they’ve had with the big guy over the years.

We have a preview of that one for you below, along with more sports mayhem in the complete “Baseball-ed Over” by Mike Pellowski and Fernando Ruiz. Once you’re caught up, you can grab your own keepsake copy at your local comic shop here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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