Betty & Veronica groove on back to the swingin’ ’70s!

Panel from an Archie Comics story. Archie and Betty dance while Veronica looks on and tells them they have to start practicing slow dancing instead because it's coming back in style.

Celebrate one of the best eras of Archie Comics history with us in this week’s BETTY & VERONICA DECADES: THE 1970s!

Cover of BETTY & VERONICA DECADES: THE 1970S. Betty and Veronica pose wearing 1970s fashion.The 1970s were a time of great music, wild fashion, and — in Riverdale at least — LOTS of hijinks! Betty and Veronica were becoming the iconic BFFs we know them as today, building a true friendship to span the decades, and mishaps abound whether they’re skiing, shopping, dating, or beaching.

Collecting the best of the decade, the snappily designed trade paperback is a ton of fun and an extra special treat for longtime Arche Comics fans with its artistic consistency, written by Archie Legends Frank Doyle, Dick Malmgren, and George Gladir and every page is drawn by Dan DeCarlo. Topping this treat of a tome is a special warmhearted introduction by legendary comics writer and editor Tom DeFalco reminiscing about his time in the editorial offices of Archie, assembling these very same stories in their original printings.

You can start reading now with the complete “Mind Over Matter” below, and then grab your own copy here. It looks great on a shelf next to the rest of the DECADES library, and we know you’re gonna dig these groovy comics!



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