Behind the scenes of ROCK CANDI with writer/artist Holly G!

Last week’s BETTY & VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER: ROCK N ROLL one-shot comic book introduced the new kid Jola Kitt in a rocking story that also rocked the status quo in Riverdale! Betty and Veronica have quit The Archies and teamed up with Jola to form a new band, Rock Candi. We asked writer/artist Holly G! about what inspired her to pen the historic tale. Take it away, Holly!

Writing for Archie is one of the most cathartic and joyful creative processes, and I’ll share a secret with you: there’s always a lil’ bit of truth in everything I write! When I write an Archie story, sometimes I right wrongs (lol I write right wrongs . . . there’s a joke in there somewhere).

When I was a teen, I wanted to sing in a rock band and some guy told me to stick to Broadway tunes. I was 17, and a lot like Betty Cooper if I’m being honest. I wish I had Veronica’s fire sometimes! There’s no time machine, but through art, I can rewrite the future of a young girl who just wants to ROCK!

Archie Editor-in-Chief Mike Pellerito encouraged me to create the all-gal band Rock Candi in BETTY & VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER: ROCK & ROLL. In the story, you’ll see Betty struggle with what’s expected of her, trying to balance that with what she feels inspired to do. We all need a support system to help make our dreams come true, and I think the friendships in Archie comics are a wonderful microcosm where we can see the best of that happen!

These girls have a dream to do something new, something they love, and each brings a piece of the puzzle to make it happen! Betty is the Dreamer, Veronica is the Motor, and the new gal, Jola Kitt, she’s got the experience and know-how to steer this ship. And they ALL have talent and commitment!

And, being the romantic that I am, how wonderful if there’s a guy on the scene who doesn’t want to clip wings, soooo Trev Smith (Valerie’s lil’ bro) is that guy!

I don’t wanna give too much away, but yuppers . . . my teenage daydream of being a rocker will come true through the pages of Archie comics. And if there’s anyone out there who feels like their light is being kept hidden, I hope the story helps you feel understood and gives you some encouragement!

— Holly G!

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