Archie’s Judgment Day is here!

A panel from an Archie Comics story. Archie walks into a room with blood on the walls and obscured dead bodies in the foreground. His narrative text captions say he remembers how it all started, his first step towards becoming who he was meant to be.

The day we’ve been warned about is finally here! Demons have descended on Riverdale and only one teen can stop them — the epic three-part horror tale launches today with ARCHIE COMICS: JUDGMENT DAY #1!

Archie Andrews stands in front of a swarm of purple monsters with tentacles and horns, looking out at the reader with blood covering half of his face.

While Archie’s horror hits normally come in bite-sized one-shots, this one was too epic, too sprawling, too action-packed to be contained in 22 pages, and it all starts here. Riverdale has been all but obliterated by vicious (we mean it!) monsters of all kinds, but hope isn’t lost. Old reliable Archie Andrews is on the scene with a baseball bat and a will to use it. It seems like he’s almost done mopping up, but that can’t be right for just the opening pages of the very first issue, can it? You’ll have to read it to believe what happens next!

You can preview the story by Aubrey Sitterson and Megan Hutchison below, and since we know you can’t stop there, grab your own copy here. Keep those baseball bats sharpened and watch your six!

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