Archie marries Penny Parker in WORLD OF BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #31!

A panel from an Archie Comics story. Archie imagines a future where he's married to Penny Parker and wonders what it would be like.

Archie gets married again, and two Jaguars unite to save Christmas in this week’s WORLD OF BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #31!

The cover of WORLD OF BETTY AND VERONICA DIGEST #31. Archie and his friends sit inside Christmas stockings.Continuing the tale begun in WORLD OF ARCHIE DIGEST #135 a couple weeks back, the gang’s adventures at the Riverdale Winter Carnival reveal more potential futures with unexpected romantic pairings. This time it’s Archie and . . . Detective Penny Parker?! That’s an interesting duo, and you can find out how it turns out in “‘Tis the Future” by Dan Parent.

Then, we have an action packed Christmas thriller starring both heroes named The Jaguar: the original Ralph Hardy and the current Ivette Velez! In “Reindeer of Terror” by Ian Flynn and Steven Butler, the villainous Kennel Kween has stolen Santa’s reindeer, which sounds like a job for animal superheroes if you ask us!

And that’s just the start of nearly 200 pages of classic hijinks from the Archie Archives, including “Naughty or Nice” by Batton Lash and Bill Galvan which you can read in full below. Once you’re caught up, you can grab your stocking stuffable copy here, and have a jolly comics-filled weekend


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