ALL the Archie superheroes are here in BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #314!

If you’ve been following the past year’s Archie superhero resurgence in our digest comics, you’ll especially love this week’s new issue of BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST!

A lot of threads come together–including an appearance by the ever-popular Power Pets–in a new story by Tom DeFalco and Rex Lindsey. Then, Fly Girl returns to tackle Evilheart (if she can stand to be around him that long!) in a new caper by Ian Flynn and Ryan Jampole. 

And those adventures are the capper on a nearly 200-page issue packed with classic comics from the Archie Archives, including the absolutely wild “Sub-Suburbia” by Archie Legend Bob Bolling, which you can read for free right here before grabbing your own blockbuster copy here. And have a comics-filled Memorial Day weekend!

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