A triumphantly huge comics collection awaits!

Panels from an Archie Comics story. SuperTeen, Betty Cooper's superhero alter ego, fights a villain in a green suit with red hair in a rocky cave.

Prepare for the triumphant return of Archie’s biggest graphic novel series with this week’s ARCHIE 1000 PAGE COMICS TRIUMPH

Archie, in a football uniform, is flanked on either side by Betty and Veronica, in cheerleader uniforms. All of them are blue and gold, the Riverdale High colors.One of the best values in the legendary Archie Comics library is the “1000 Page” series, which is just what it sounds like; a brick of comics stretching across 100+ stories for just $16. It’s not just a steal, but a half-ton of fun!

In the latest volume, we get a wild assortment of classic Archie hijinks from across the decades including recent holiday hits and all-timers from the archives. One of those, which you can read in full below, is an epic two-parter by Archie Legends Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo starring Betty Cooper as the heroic SuperTeen, doing battle with the villainous Magnet Girl. Good old MG can make anyone attract anything she chooses, like a magnet, and that’s especially messy when she sets her sights on things like mustard from the hot dog cart at the beach.

Once you’re caught up, you can grab your own gigantic copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!

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