A hero cloaked in mystery returns today in DARKLING!


Darla Lang has a dark secret she’s keeping from her fellow students at Ivy Hollow University, and all is revealed today in the one-shot comic book, DARKLING!

The cover of DARKLING #1. Darkling, an Asian woman in a black cloak and purple superhero costume, floats above Ivy Hollow University, a gothic building, at night.In a dark academia reboot of the classic “Red Circle” superhero character, the new comic by Sarah Kuhn and Carola Borelli is full of mystery, danger, monsters, and magic around every corner of the creepy school Darla calls home.

Darla’s secret power lies in her mystical cloak which she can use to teleport evildoers to another dimension. She sees it as a curse, and she thinks the library of Ivy Hollow could reveal a way to free her from it. The only thing standing in her way is, well, a lot! Not only will Darla grapple with her own powers and some magical mishaps, but the students of Ivy Hollow aren’t all who they appear to be.

You can start reading with the preview below, then grab your own collectible copy right here!


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