A beloved Christmas tradition returns in ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #16!

A panel from an Archie Comics story. The Archie band plays a loud Christmas song while Mr. Lodge covers his ears.

Archie’s Christmas Stocking — one of Archie’s longest running annual titles — is back for 2023 in this week’s new issue of ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST!

The cover of ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #16. Archie and all of his friends celebrate Christmas.Longtime Archie fans will recognize that festive logo from its first appearance way WAY back in 1954, on the cover of the classic ARCHIE GIANT SERIES #1. The Riverdale gang continued ringing in the holiday season with a new “Stocking” issue over the years, and now it’s back in an actual stocking-sized edition!

The new collection boasts some of the all-time greatest Christmas stories from throughout Archie history by some of Archie’s most stellar talents. You can start reading below with the complete “Archies” classic, “Ode to Santa” by Frank Doyle with incredible art by Harry Lucey. Once you’re caught up, you can grab your stocking-stuffable copy here, and have a comics-filled weekend!


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