Pow-Girl is under pressure in BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #319!

A panel from an Archie Comics story. Pow-Girl is attacked by a super villain while shopping at the mall. Betty and Veronica decide to help.

A super-villain is intent on ruining Christmas, but Betty, Veronica, and Pow-Girl have something to say about that in this week’s BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #319!

The cover of BETTY & VERONICA DIGEST #319. Betty and Veronica are dressed as Santa's elves, sitting on his shoulders.In a brand new story by Tom DeFalco and Stephen Butler, the power-punching hero is hoping to join The Mighty Crusaders at Christmastime, and she might have a shot if all goes well! But . . . things are not going well. A clawed creep named Phanta-Klaws is set on ruining the holidays and her outfit. Good thing B&V are there to help with both!

Then, in “Holiday Heist” by Ian Flynn and Bill Galvan, The Shield, PowerTeen, and SuperTeen will need all their power combined to stop—you guessed it—a holiday heist! 

Those two are just the start of a nearly 200-page stocking stuffer full of classic cheer from the Archie Archives. You can read one of those below: “A Gift Beyond Gifts” by Archie Legends Frank Doyle and Stan Goldberg, and once you’re caught up, you can grab your giftable copy here!


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