Cupid’s arrows fly in ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #17!

An Archie Comics panel. Betty and Veronica talk about Valentine's day when a Cupid's arrow whizzes by and strikes a wall behind Veronica.

Love is in the air this week, and it’s all over ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #17

Betty and Veronica stand on either side of Archie, who has lipstick marks all over both cheeks.

The bi-monthly series of special themed issues continues with a super-sweet collection of classic Archie Comics love stories — well, that special kind of Riverdale love that’s mostly hijinks, of course!

Archie is proud to be the Official Comic Book of Valentine’s Day and this issue is the caramel in our heart-shaped box of offerings this year, with nearly 200 pages of double-booked dates, misdirected love notes, and heartfelt mirth and mayhem as only Archie Comics can do it.

You can start reading now with the complete classic “Love and Hisses” by Archie Legends Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo below, and once you’re caught up, grab a copy for your sweetheart (or treat yourself!) right here.

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