It’s the Crusaders vs the Eliminators in final battle! Get an early preview of MIGHTY CRUSADERS #4!

“What doesn’t kill you… only makes you stronger!”

The Mighty Crusaders have been ambushed by the villainous team of evil-doers known as the Eliminators! With half of their squad out of commission, the light of hope dims for the remaining heroes. Can the Crusaders turn the tides of battle in their favor?

On March 21st, join writer Ian Flynn (JUGHEAD), artist Kelsey Shannon (JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS), colorist Matt Herms and letterer Jack Morelli and indulge in high-octane super-hero action for new and returning readers in MIGHTY CRUSADERS #4!

Pre-order your copy of MIGHTY CRUSADERS #4 today from your local comic book shop! Order the cover of your choice from the Archie Comics Shop! Read MIGHTY CRUSADERS #1-3 on the Archie Comics App and ComiXology.


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