Cosmo and his crew are cornered in this early preview of COSMO #4!

Cover by Patrick Spaziante

“Your adventuring days are over, Cosmo!”

Get ready for more out of this world fun in the fourth issue of the ALL-NEW sci-fi adventure mini-series COSMO!

The evil Venusian Battle Princess Cleo has our hero Cosmo cornered! Is this the end of the mighty Martian’s mission or will the wheel of fate turn in his favor? Find out in COSMO #4, available in comic shops and digitally on 4/18!

Writer Ian Flynn, artist Tracy Yardley, colorist Matt Herms and letterer Jack Morelli are bringing fans on a new and hilarious adventure in outer space!

Pre-order your copy of COSMO #4 today from your local comic book shop or order your favorite cover from the Archie Comics Online Store!

Read the first three issues of COSMO on the Archie Comics App and ComiXology or order copies online from the Archie Comics Online Store!



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