Christmas comes early in ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #19!

Panels from an Archie Comics Story. Sabrina and the gang put up a Christmas tree but it has a ghost who starts zapping everyone with magic bolts.

We just couldn’t wait, so as the Official Comic Book of Christmas, we got an early start in this week’s ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #19, a.k.a. CHRISTMAS IN JULY!

Archie and Jughead are wearing Christmas-themed summer wear, including shorts, Santa hats, and ugly Christmas sweaters. They are snowboarding down a slope, smiling.It may be hot and humid out there, but that just makes us think about getting toasty by the fire in the cold winter nights to come . . . or maybe we just love presents? Either way, Christmas is so much fun we have to celebrate it twice, and in that jolly spirit, we’re bringing you Christmas in July this week: an annual tradition here at Archie Comics!

ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #19 is the gift that keeps on giving at this second-most wonderful time of the year; packed with Christmas classics from the Archie Archives that’ll put you in a merry mood as you head to the beach. You can start reading now with the extra-sized classic Sabrina yarn below, “A Tree Named Obadiah” by Frank Doyle and Stan Goldberg. Then, grab your own stocking-sized copy here, and have a merry weekend!



An interior story page from ARCHIE SHOWCASE DIGEST #19.

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