Riverdale’s resident jock grabs the spotlight in the BIG MOOSE ONE-SHOT! Pre-Order your copy today!

You know Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead. Now meet everyone’s favorite big guy Moose!

Moose Mason is a star athlete at Riverdale High, he’s got lots of friends, a supportive family and an amazing girlfriend in Midge Klump (who’s so amazing, in fact, that resident villain Reggie Mantle constantly tries to steal her away from Moose!). But there’s more to Moose than meets the eye.

These three new stories show different sides of the popular jock, giving an inside look at what goes on in his mind and how he impacts everyone he meets.

On April 26th, Everything’s Moose in this DOUBLE-SIZED special featuring stories by Sean Ryan (Nova, Suicide Squad), Ryan Cady (The X-Files, Magdalena) and Gorf (Batman, Everything’s Relative, Michael Midas Champion) with art by Cory Smith (Nova, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Thomas Pitilli (Riverdale, Archie) and Ryan Jampole (Mega Man, Archie)! 

Pre-order your copy today from your local comic book shop or online via the Archie Comics Shop.

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