A phone call leaves Riverdale in shock! Read a preview of ARCHIE #21 – OVER THE EDGE Part 2!


“OVER THE EDGE” continues Wednesday in the ongoing ARCHIE series from acclaimed team of writer Mark Waid and artist Pete Woods

The final pages of tomorrow’s ARCHIE #21 reveal that Betty Cooper’s life is on the line as a result of a devastating car crash caused by a street race between Archie and Reggie.

“We’ve had a great deal of success (and I’ve had a great deal of fun) rebuilding the Riverdale universe these last two years, and now that we’ve finally put all the characters on the table and given them depth, it felt time to ramp up the stakes,” said writer Mark Waid.

“Teenagers (speaking as a former one) do dumb things all the time, but rarely do we see the consequences of their mistakes on this dire a level. This is a story about what happens when we make small, poor decisions and they end up having big ramifications.”

“I’m more interested in showcasing how these characters evolve and respond to tragedy than just killing someone off for the shock value.”

The fallout from Archie and Reggie’s dangerous street race is fully realized in July’s ARCHIE #22, the final chapter of OVER THE EDGE, which will set the stage for new stories in the months to come. ARCHIE #21 is available tomorrow in comic book shops and digitally.


A phone call leaves everyone in Riverdale in a state of shock and despair!

Script: Mark Waid
Art: Pete Woods, Jack Morelli
Cover: Pete Woods
Variant Covers: Matthew Dow Smith, Greg Smallwood
On Sale Date: 6/21
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.


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