Archie#1_2ndprntSecond-print cover of blockbuster relaunch coming to shops on 8/12

ARCHIE #1 – the much-heralded relaunch of the character from the superstar creative team of writer Mark Waid and artist Fiona Staples – has sold out at the distributor level, via Diamond, two days before its release.

The sellout will not affect the comic’s availability in stores this Wednesday, and readers can expect a second printing of the comic book to hit in early August with a modified cover. Though, a word to the wise – get to your comic shop early and make sure you grab your copy!

“Archie #1 is making history for this company,” said Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics Publisher/Co-CEO. “When we paired Mark and Fiona to tell Archie’s origin for the first time, we were optimistic about how fans and comic shops would respond, but this goes above and beyond. We’re thankful for the support the comic shop retailers have given us, and we’re grateful, as always for our fans. This is only the beginning!”

To find ARCHIE #1 at a comic store near you, use the Comic Shop Locator Service or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK.

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