An explosive first look inside ARCHIE VS. THE WORLD!

ARCHIE VS. THE WORLD interior art by Jed Dougherty

We’re all dying to read what Aubrey Sitterson and Jed Dougherty have in store for the Riverdale gang in ARCHIE VS. THE WORLD, hitting stores in January. Well good news! We’ve got a sneak peek here, and there are some tantalizing hints of their post-apocalyptic vision!

ARCHIE VS. THE WORLD main cover by Jed Dougherty

In the explosive action-packed one-shot, Archie roams a desolate future wasteland where water is scarce and only the strong survive, and his special martial arts talent may make the difference.

We asked Aubrey what he thought about reimagining the Archie characters in this unique new story, and he said, “Even before the explosion in popularity that’s come with Riverdale, Archie comics were omnipresent in a way that I’ve never ceased being aware of them, even when I wasn’t regularly reading them. It’s a testament to the power of these archetypal, even totemic characters, that someone can go years without picking one up but, upon doing so, even though the specifics might have changed and new characters might have come on the scene, they never feel lost.”

To that point, the early artwork offers glimpses of a mystical triple-aspect version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a roaring lion skin-clad version of Josie and the Pussycats, and even a souped-up turbo charged jalopy for Archie to drive through the action. You can reserve your copy at your local comic shop here, and we’ll keep you posted with more art as we get closer to the big day!


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