A creeptastic first look at BETTY: THE FINAL GIRL!

BETTY THE FINAL GIRL interior art by Laura Braga

We’ve been on the edge of our seats to find out what fate will befall Riverdale’s heroines in BETTY THE FINAL GIRL, hitting stores in February! Now we finally have a first look at interior art with hints of some of the creepy goings-on at Veronica’s ski chalet . . .

BETTY THE FINAL GIRL main cover by Laura Braga

In the all-new one-shot anthology from Archie Horror, three creative teams relate a trio of terrifying tales in the vein of our favorite scary movies like Scream and When a Stranger Calls, each featuring a different “final girl” from the Archie-verse.

Betty thinks she might be imagining these as her mind races and mountaintop solitude takes its toll on her, but just what is making those sounds out in the hall, and is that a hand reaching out to her when her back is turned?

We’ll have to wait for February 15 to find out what happens next, and you can reserve your copy at your local comic shop here. In the meantime, scroll through the rest of the sneak preview below . . . if you dare!

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