A classic series is collected in this week’s ARCHIE’S LAUGH COMICS!

Laugh Comics gets the Archie Comics Presents deluxe treatment this week in a new trade paperback collection, featuring the very best stories from the classic series! 

Starting way back in 1946, Laugh was one of Archie’s most long-running and fan-favorite series, including work from the brightest talents in Archie Comics history like Samm Shwartz, Dan DeCarlo, and Frank Doyle to name just a few. And while hunting down all those back issues could take a while, this week’s trade paperback collection ARCHIE’S LAUGH COMICS, featuring stories from 1960 to 1974, is ready to make you laugh out loud right now! As part of of the Archie Comics Presents library, this pocket-sized presentation features a snappily designed trade dress that looks great on-shelf with other volumes in the series. You can start reading right now with the Frank Doyle / Harry Lucey classic below, and grab your own copy right here!

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