Legendary “Little Archie” Artist Bob Bolling Drawing New Archie Stories at 87

LittleArchie_011For the lucky fans who visited Englewood Charlotte Public Library during Free Comic Book Day earlier this month — a chance to meet a comic book legend.

Bob Bolling, best known for his work on the “Little Archie” series, featuring stories depicting Archie and the gang as youngsters, Bolling has been writing and drawing stories for Archie Comics since 1957.

Mr. Bolling was on hand at Englewood Charlotte Public Libary’s Free Comic Book Day event, signing autographs and doing sketches for Archie fans of all ages.  Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.29.00 PM

What’s a normal day like for Mr. Bolling? He can be found enjoying his semi-retirement in North Port, Florida, with his wife Marianne, and continues to draw new stories featured in the Archie digests found in supermarket check-out aisles and comic stores nationwide.


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