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Welcome to the ARCHIE COMICS Reader Survey!

We're committed to bringing you the best comics, in the most accessible format, with the utmost attention to detail. But we can't do it alone! Do you like to visit your local comic shop? Are you an early adopter of technology? Do you love stories about science fiction or romance? We need to know a little bit about who you are, how you engage with comics, and what you like to read in order to help provide the best possible reading experience.

This survey won't take long - it's just a few quick questions - and as a 'thank you' for participation we'll even provide a code for 30% off your entire order from the official ARCHIE COMICS store! Look for it at the end of the survey.


How old are you?

Where do you live?

Which of the following devices do you own or use regularly? (Please check all that apply)

Which social networks do you use regularly? (Please check all that apply)

What is your biggest motivator when buying comics?

Where do you get print comics? (Please check all that apply)

Where do you get digital comics? (Please check all that apply)

How do you hear about or discover new comics? (Please check all that apply)

What genre or types of comics do you regularly read? (Please check all that apply)

Which comic publishers do you regularly read? (Please check all that apply)

How many comics or graphic novels do you read per month?

Which of the following would most likely cause you to stop reading a comic book issue or series?

How long have you been reading Archie Comics?

Which Archie Comics titles do you read regularly? (Please check all that apply)

Which Archie Comics characters would you like to see featured in their own series or mini-series? (Please check all that apply)

What is your preferred format for Archie Comics?

Where do you get news about Archie Comics? (Please check all that apply)

If you could change one thing about Archie digests, what would it be?


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